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Selling Online with Prime

The future of real estate as most industries are now moving towards digital and online solutions to accommodate an increasing number of younger technologically savvy buyers and to make the buying process more convenient and cost-effective for both buyer and seller.

At Prime Online Auctions we focus all our time and energy on marketing and exposing your property to the ever-growing digital audiences via tailor-made traditional, electronic and social media marketing campaigns.

Benefits of selling at Auction


We sell your property in 4 to 6 weeks.

No Commission

You as seller pay us no commission unless otherwise negotiated.

No Ceiling

There is no ceiling price on the value you can achieve. If we get you more for your property then your reserve price then its for your benefit.

No Comebacks

There is no comebacks. Property is sold voetstoots and you are protected by the consumer protection act.

Extensive Marketing

Our marketing is far more extensive then any traditional sales methods.

Free Valuations

We use all the possible tools at our disposal to provide you with a free and accurate valuation for your property.

No Suspensive Conditions

The sale of your property is cash and there are no suspensive conditions. If the buyer pulls out of the sale then they forfeit their 10% deposit that they pay on day of auction.

Nothing to Lose

You have nothing to loose. If we don’t reach your reserve price then you are not obligated to sell your property.
Seller's FAQ
Do I need a Mandate to Auction my Property?
Yes, there is a legal requirement for you to provide us with a signed sole mandate agreement in order for us to promote and sell your property.
What will it cost me?
The primary cost would be dependent on which marketing strategies are employed to promote the property in the target market. These costs are generally affected by the type of property, location and value. A detailed and tailored marketing campaign will be discussed with you at an appointment with a Prime Auction Specialist.
What happens if I don’t get my reserve price?
You are not obligated to sell your property for less the the reserve price, however we will give you and the highest bidder the opportunity to negotiate further should you so desire.
What happens if the Buyer breaches the contract?
The sale is not suspensive and the Buyer will forfeit their 10% deposit.
Where do I start?
Simply email us on or contact one of our Auction Specialists.

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